Steve Can Help Your Agency Move to the Head of Its Class

A guy doesn’t spend 25 years building ad agencies that get bought for ten or more times earnings by international communications conglomerates without learning a few things about what works and what doesn’t:

In Message and Positioning Strategy

His process, which Steve helped develop at The Martin Agency, zeroes in on the best brand position and unique selling proposition for whatever it may be your agency has to promote. Not only that, it rank-orders selling points by specific target audience.

In Creative Development

Most agencies go about this the same way, which just happens to be wrong. They quickly zero in on a direction, then polish the you-know-what out of it, and do their best to sell it to the client. Let Steve show you, and help you implement, a broadband approach that starts with many possibilities, involves the client in the process, and ends up turning out creative work that not only wins awards, it actually works. Perhaps as important, it makes everyone –– clients included –– look like the heroes they’re very happy to be.

In Business Development

Perhaps you’ve got a big pitch coming up for a potential or existing client. Bring Steve in behind the scenes and put him to work using the techniques mentioned above. You’ll wow the client and have that signature on the dotted line in no time. In one six-month period at The Martin Agency, for example, he worked on six new business pitches and won them all. The only problem –– and it was a good to have –– was how to get all the work done until additional staff could be hired.

How to Get in Touch

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