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If Steve Edits It, It Will Get Published - Guaranteed

Perhaps you’ve been sending out queries and sample pages from your manuscript and all you get back are rejection slips. Be aware an established publisher will not even consider a manuscript it views as the least bit flawed. But take heart. It may be all you need is professional editing. If so, Steve can help.

Stephen Hawley Martin has edited dozens of successful books and typically takes on several editing projects a year. He is, however, very selective and for a very good reason. As editor-in-chief and publisher of The Oaklea Press, Steve can and will guarantee a book he edits will get published. So he doesn’t accept a project unless he sincerely believes the vision held by the person whose name will appear on the cover can, with his help, become a commercial success. Once committed, he puts his heart and soul into it. Working closely with the author, Steve strives to produce a finished product he and that individual will be proud of, as well as one Oaklea Press’s distributor sales force will feel good about presenting to buyers at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon.com and other major book sellers and chains.

Steve is comfortable working on everything from fiction, business management, and self help, to nonfiction that may be somewhat technical. If you are interested in seeing if he would be interested in working with you on your book project, as well as what he would charge, put “EDITOR NEEDED” in your e-mail subject line and send a brief description of your book, and your contact information, to:

SHMartin [at] SHMartin [dot] com

Awards Steve Has Won for His Own Books:

  • Writer’s Digest First Place for Fiction for OUT OF BODY, INTO MIND
  • Writer’s Digest First Place for Fiction for DEATH IN ADVERTISING
  • Writer’s Digest First Place for Personal Stories for A WITCH IN THE FAMILY
  • Independent Publisher First Place for Fiction for THE MT. PELEE REDEMPTION
  • USA Book News Finalist for Personal Stories for A WITCH IN THE FAMILY
  • USA Book News First Place for Inspirational Audio Books for SUCCESS! THROUGH AUTO HYPNOSIS

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