Other Books by Steve

LEAN ENTERPRISE LEADER: How to Get Things Done without Doing It All Yourself Steve shares the secrets of achieving high productivity he learned during 25 years of successfully managing businesses. Learn more >>>
The Science of Life After Death Until recently, science had very little to say about life after death. Now there are answers and this book lays them out. Learn more >>>
THE TRUTH In this book, the author shares what he has learned about how and why life works, and how to make it work for you.Learn more >>>
Success in Life and Work This combines a 127 page workbook with a prizewinning inspirational audio CD. Develop a winner's attitude in 30 days or less with this first prize winner of the Self Help / Motivational Audio CD category of the National Best Books of 2007 Awards. Learn more >>>
A Witch in the Family In this book, the author investigates the arrest, trial and execution of his ancester, Susannah North Martin, hanged as one of the Salem witches. He postulates a new theory of what was behind the witch hysteria that swept New England in 1692. Winner of the Writer’s Digest Book Award for Personal Stories. Learn more >>>
IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE This award-winning thriller takes the reader out of body, into mind and back more than a hundred years to the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Pelée in Martinique. Winner of the Writer’s Digest Book Award for Fiction and an IPPY from Independent Publisher. Learn more >>>
HOW TO MASTER LIFE The author came across lectures by Thomas Troward that he believes explain how we create our own personal realities -- lectures he thinks are the basis of many of the self-help books of the last century. But they were written in 19th century scientific jargon. So he translated them into plain English anyone can read and understand. Learn more >>>

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