Frequently Asked Questions about Ghostwriting and Editing by Steve:

Q: Why should I choose Steve to do my ghostwriting or editing? What sets him apart?

A: Steve is an award-winning author with a track record of success in both editing and ghostwriting. It is true you may be able to find another good writer or editor to work with you, but Steve's leg up is that he is the editor and publisher of a successful and established book publishing company, not a vanity press. He is always on the lookout for books to publish that Oaklea can profit from. He will not accept your project unless he believes your book idea or draft has the potential to become a commercial success. This is essential because once he is finished working to make your book all that it can be, Oaklea Press will publish it. You will then receive the same royalties any author whose work has been accepted by an established, legitimate book publisher would earn.

Q: You say Oaklea is a legitimate publisher and not a vanity press. What is the difference?

A vanity press will charge you to publisher your work, and the likelihood of getting distribution in stores and making significant sales is quite low. Oaklea Press will not charge to publish your book, and will lose money if your book doesn't sell. Moreover, you will receive a royalty on every sale of your book made by Oaklea. Unlike a vanity press, Oaklea works with a book distributing company with a national sales force that will present your book to buyers at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million and the other major chains. We cannot guarantee these chains will accept your book, but the record shows almost all of Oaklea's books do gain chain store distribution. Moreover, we can guarantee your book will be available on Amazon and through virtually every other major bookseller on the Internet, as well as through Oaklea's bookstore on the Web.

Q: Do I have to have my work published by Oaklea?

A: Once you have agreed to give Steve your project, Oaklea Press will offer you a publishing contract. But you are under no obligation to accept it. After Steve has done his editing or ghostwriting job, the manuscript will belong to you, 100%. Even if you do accept Oaklea's offer to publish, the copyright of the published work will be in your name. You will own it for your lifetime and be able to pass it on to your heirs.

Q: Would I be better off to self publish?

Why would you spend money to self publish if Oaklea Press will publish your work for free and offer you a royalty? Moreover, as a self publisher, it will be virtually impossible for you to get distribution in book stores and chains.

Q: What is involved in the editing or ghostwriting process?

A: Steve will produce a finished, polished manuscript based on either a raw manuscript, rough draft, notes, concepts, audio tapes, telephone conversations, face-to-face interviews, printed information or other materials provided by you.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: Ghostwriting or comprehensive editing usually takes anywhere from six weeks to six months.