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Ghostwriting & Editing Services

In what subjects does Steve have knowledge and expertise that he can bring to the table when ghostwriting a book?


Steve has authored five novels under his own name plus books on business leadership, marketing communications, entrepreneurship, marketing, self improvement, advertising creation, as well as brand image creation and renovation. To review his business books, CLICK HERE. He has ghostwritten a number of memoirs for individuals as well as books on process-based management, lean manufacturing, build-to-order manufacturing, product development, how-it-was-done start-up successes, as well as a couple of self help books for clinical psychologists.

How does the ghostwriting process work?

The typical ghostwriting process goes something like this. An hour-long session will be scheduled each week between Steve and the book’s author. The meeting will take place either by telephone or Zoom. During the first session, the author will give Steve a broad overview of the book he or she wants written. From that Steve will develop an outline, breaking the book into chapters if possible. Going forward, Steve and the author will work through the outline. The author talks, Steve asks questions, and the meeting is recorded. Steve writes drafts of chapters that are send to the author. The author edits them, or alternatively, Steve and the author talk about the chapter at the next session, and Steve edits the chapter based on the author’s input. Usually within three to six months, there is a finished manuscript that will be published by The Oaklea Press. Alternatively, the author can take the manuscript to another punisher if he or she wishes.


What if I already have a draft of a book?


If you have a complete or a partial manuscript, send Steve an email and let him know about it. He likely will ask you to send him a Word file of the manuscript via email so that he can evaluate it. If he believes it’s ready for publication and he that it has sales potential, he may offer you a publishing contract with The Oaklea Press. CLICK HERE to learn more about The Oaklea Press Inc. If he thinks it needs editing, he will let you know and perhaps make an offer to edit your book. CLICK HERE to send Steve an email.


If Steve ghostwrites or edits a book for me, do I have to publish it through The Oaklea Press?


You will have the option to do so, but you can use another publisher or self-publish your manuscript if you wish.


How long does it typically take for Steve to ghostwrite a book?


Usually from three to six months if he is starting from scratch.


How much does Steve charge?


The amount varies, depending on the amount of work Steve estimates will be required. For ghostwriting a book from scratch, the amount typically falls  between $10,000 and $15,000. For editing an existing manuscript of up to 60,000 words, the amount usually runs between $1200 and $2500. In all cases, Steve's fee includes creating the interior, the cover, and publishing your book on Amazon once you are happy with the finished product.

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