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A Winning Strategy for a Pro Football Team

It was the fall before the Richmond Raiders Arena Football Team would kick off its third season in March of the upcoming spring. Attendance and season ticked sales during the first two seasons had not been what had been hoped. The owner was losing money, and so he turned to Stephen.

Stephen analyzed the situation, talked to potential fans, and before long came to the conclusion the problem was lack of awareness about the availability of entertainment in the form of pro football during a time that baseball is traditionally top-of-mind. 

Getting the word out was the obvious solution, but the high cost of television advertising was a deterrent. So Stephen turned to his contacts and was able to negotiate an extremely low rate for remnant commercial time on ESPN and other cable channels on Cox and Comcast in the Richmond metro area.


This spot was created and ran for several weeks prior to the start of the arena football season that year:

The same video was used with different audio to promote home games during the week prior to each home game. This spot is one example:

The strategy worked as planned. The results put the owner of the team exactly where he wanted to be – in the black. Season ticket sales doubled, and home attendance increased by 40%. Cash flow was up, and the team was making money.

If you’d like to have a conversation with Stephen Hawley Martin to discuss the possibility of having him create a roadmap that will lead to increased sales for what you sell, send him an email. There will be no obligation on your part, it won’t cost you a thing, and who knows where it might lead.


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