How you can become considered an expert in your chosen field.

Are you an expert at something, or the CEO of a company? Do you own your own business, or are you a principal in a consulting or business-services firm? If so, there is a way to greatly enhance your reputation and that of your company. In doing so, you are virtually certain to attract more business and to be in position to command higher fees. How? It’s really quite simple. You need to have a book published with your name on it, and I can make that happen. A colleague and former client who runs a speakers’ bureau once said that having a published book is absolutely essential to being recognized as a expert – no doubt, no question, hands down. Think about it. You are infinitely more likely to be invited to industry conferences to give seminars or to make keynote addresses. It’s even possible you will be paid for giving a keynote address that is almost certain to bring you more business. Why do you suppose every politician who wants to be president has a book out? And, do you think they wrote it themselves? Of course not. They don’t have the time, and if your business humming along, you probably do not, either. Besides, ask yourself this, do you have the inclination or the temperament to bang out 60 or 70,000 words. Even if you do, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a publisher. Sure, you can self-publish, but what kind of credibility is a self-published book going to give? I may be able to help can solve this dilemma. I have already ghostwritten at least half a dozen books. If your topic appeals to me, I can write your book from scratch or help you finish one you have already started, and because I own an established book publishing company, The Oaklea Press Inc., I can guarantee it will be published, will be available on Amazon, and that book stores and chains will be able to order copies. The books I have ghostwritten books for CEOs and consultants have created huge benefits for the people whose names are on the covers and for the businesses they lead. In several cases the books also made a great deal of money terms of royalties paid to them. Some have become of the “authors” have become world famous in their fields. Books I have ghostwritten for others have been translated into Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, and Chinese. If you are interested in learning more, use the contact form on this website to send me an email, and let’s begin a dialog.

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