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Steve can help you bring
your book to reality

Although Steve has written more than three-dozen books under his own name, he actually spends much of his time helping others bring their books to reality. You see, in addition to being an author, Steve is a ghostwriter, book designer, editor, and publisher. The name of his business is The Oaklea Press, and it now has more than a hundred titles in print. Google it, and you’ll see.

If you would like to write a book, or have already written one and want to have it published, Steve would like to help you realize your goal. Here is what he can offer:


1. Book and cover design, typesetting, and preparation of computer files for Kindle, trade paperback, and hardcover book production and printing

2. He can publish your book on Amazon and/or via IngramSpark

3. Editing & proofing


4. Ghostwriting


If you have an all-text manuscript of up to 80,000 words in a Microsoft Word file that is ready to go, i.e., if it does not need proofreading or editing, for a fee of only $500, Steve will perform step one and turn over the files of all three formats to you so that you can self publish your book. Or, if you do not wish to self publish and would rather not be bothered with the hassle of doing so, The Oaklea Press will publish your book on Amazon no additional cost and pay you what will amount to a standard publishing industry royalty on sales of your book.


If you chose the option to publish through The Oaklea Press, you will be able to buy as many copies of your book as you wish at the wholesale price of 50% of retail plus shipping costs and sales tax, and use those copies at book signings, talks that you give, or in any way that you wish.

If your book needs editing or proofreading, or is only partially written, or if it is still in idea form and you would like to have ghostwriting help, Steve will need information from you in order to determine the amount of work that will be involved. Once he understands clearly what will be required, he will quote a not-to-exceed fee. 

If you are interested in possibly having Steve perform any of the services listed above, please send scroll to the top of this page and click the "Contact" button to send him an email.

Steve will do his best to get back to you within 24 hours so that that the two of you can discuss your project. 


Here are the types of books Steve has written, ghostwritten, and that The Oaklea Press has published:


● Business management and leadership books

● Business, manufacturing, or technical process books

● Fiction, including whodunits, thrillers, romantic suspense, and young       adult novels

● Coffee table picture books

● Children’s illustrated books

● Self help books

● Inspirational books

● Christian / devotional books

● Memoirs, biographies, autobiographies