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Stephen Hawley Martin, a former principal of the advertising agency that created the GEICO Gecko and “Virginia is for Lovers,” has created marketing programs for dozens of clients in just about every business category anyone can imagine. For a modest fee, he will analyze your marketing efforts and produce a roadmap that your agency or in-house staff can follow in order maximize the ROI on what you spend on marketing. Here are a few case history examples that explain how goes about doing so and the results you can expect from his work.


A Hand Tool Rebrand


A prominent brand of hand tools manufactured for use by professional woodworkers and serious do-it-yourselfers was losing market share to cheaper knock-offs. Stephen found a way to give it Martin Brand Power, and that turned the decline in sales around.


Rebranding an OEM


A global business headquartered in London acquired and combined five companies that supplied components to white goods manufacturers. Stephen used the Martin Brand Power process to position the company for success.


Rebranding a High Tech Business


A multinational, multibillion-dollar company had just acquired and merged six software businesses into a new entity with the intention of selling software systems and fixes to mass manufacturers. Stephen’s process indicated that the value proposition the client had selected was not the one with the greatest potential for success.

Rebranding a Healthcare Facility


A major medical center and teaching facility was in the midst of a significant expansion project when Stephen was called in to work Martin Brand Power magic to ensure that ambitious occupancy goals were met. For that to  happen, Stephen recommended a complete brand overhaul, and it worked.

Rebranding a Financial Institution

A leading financial institution in a major market had ambitious expansion plans and Stephen was called in to develop the strategy. He found that the bank's image needed a major overhaul and recommended how best to proceed. Stephen's strategy paid off and the bank's goals were not just met, they were exceeded. 

Rebranding a Nonprofit Organization


Nonprofit brands compete for dollars and manpower. They compete for contributions as well, and that means they can be compared to publicly traded companies that set out to woo potential stockholders. If they have been in existence for a considerable time, they can lose focus, and when that happens, they can lose support. That was the case with this nonprofit until the Martin Brand Power process was used to help its leadership reestablish it.

A Winning Strategy for a Pro Football Team

Going into its third season, season ticket sales and home attendance were not where they needed to be for this arena football team to make a profit. The team's owner was tired of losing money, and so he called in Stephen to see if he could find a way to get things on track. After doing some research, Stephen developed a plan that turned around what had been a dire situation.

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