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Steve shares insights and knowledge gained from extensive research into the Truth about Life:

Part Two: Steve experiences the disembodied presence of a deceased friend.

Part Three: Don't get stuck after death thinking you are still alive.

Part Four: The consciousness of evil individuals lives on after death and can reek havoc by invading the minds of the living.

If you find these videos to be of interest, here are the books they are based upon. They contain a great deal more than can be covered in this video series and are available in both paperback and Kindle eBook editions. Click on a cover to go to the book's page on Amazon

Front Cover Enlightenment_72.jpg
Actual Magic New Front Cover-72dpi.jpg
Front Cover Grail_V2_72_dpi.jpg
Front Cover-GNOSIS-72.jpg
Cayce Meaning Front Cover 72-dpi.jpg

Part Five: What you can expect when some day you cross the border to what Shakespeare called, "The Undiscovered Country."

Part Six: On human origins, how you came to be here on earth today.

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